Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Анекдот бородатый, но по-английски

Doctor Script's Script Shop: Windows Script Components Have a COM-ing Effect:
There's a timeworn joke about a boy who visits his grandfather in a retirement home for comedians. Grandpa takes him into a lounge where a bunch of old guys are sitting around quietly smoking stogies. Suddenly, somebody calls out "47," and everybody cracks up. Then another one says "102" and they all groan.

The boy is puzzled, so he asks his grandad what's going on. "Well, sonny boy," the old man says, "for years we've spent all our time sitting around telling jokes. And by now we've all heard each others' jokes so many times, we don't need to tell the whole joke any more: we just have a number for each joke."

So the boy screws up his courage and pipes up: "5." Stony silence. And his grandfather whispers to him, "Nice try, sonny boy, but it's all in the delivery."

This ancient excuse for humor probably came from the Borscht Belt via a Woody Allen movie or some place like that

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