Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Про cooperative vs preemtpive green threads

Erlang is one of a few languages that actually does preemptive multitasking and gets soft-realtime right. Also it values low latency over raw throughput, which is not common in programming language runtimes.
To be precise, preemption means that the scheduler can force a task off execution. Everything based on cooperation cannot do this: Python twisted, Node.js, LWT (Ocaml) and so on. But more interestingly, neither Go ( nor Haskell (GHC) is fully preemptive. Go only switches context on communication, so a tight loop can hog a core. GHC switches upon memory allocation (which admittedly is a very common occurrence in Haskell programs). The problem in these systems are that hogging a core for a while—one might imagine doing an array-operation in both languages—will affect the latency of the system.
Tags: fp, programming

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