Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Ченжлог в моем стиле

  • work around latest perl upstream breakage - this time, perl5porters were
    apparently bullied by a bogus CVE (CVE-2016-1238), and since distros
    stupidly apply anything that has "security fix" stamped on it, it's likely
    going to be a problem in practise (and working around it is trivial on
    windows and unix).
  • perl5porters broke windows error codes in 5.20, and mapped
    WSAEWOULDBLOCK on the (different) EWOULDBLOCK error code, and
    WSAEINPROGRESS into the incompatible ERINPROGRESS code, probably
    because they were so cool. They probably broke other error codes
    for no reason, too, but I didn't care for checking, it's too
    depressing. This version only works around the WSAEWOULDBLOCK
    issue, because I don't have a nice way to work around the
  • mention json security issues in AnyEvent::Handle, now that Douglas
    Crockford has foolishly and incompatibly changed JSON.
  • documented Rocco fabricating statements about AnyEvent and me.
  • increase signal latency test timer considerably for poor little osx,
    which can't be bothered with basic posix functionality such as signal
Tags: programming, юмор

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