Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Нашёл тут гнездо

1. A Restricted Perl by Will Braswell which translates a medium-magic subset of Perl 5 into C/C++
2. An improved variant of perl5, running all of perl5 and CPAN code. With many perl6 features, just faster. Faster than perl5 and perl6.
3. attempt to be a fast, small perl11 (5+6 and more) using the potion vm based on on lua, io and others.
4. a source level perl5/6 to perl5/6 and other backends compiler
5. a perl which compiles to heavily optimized LLVM and is ~3x faster than p2
6. pviv by is a perl6 grammar written in greg, which compiles to an AST and will be used as perl6 grammar for p2.
7. a fast & small virtual machine with Perl'ish syntax.
Tags: programming, юмор

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