Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Написал я было 2 функции:
everything :: (Enum a, Bounded a) => [a]
everything = enumFromTo minBound maxBound

everythingI :: (Bounded a, Ix a) => [a]
everythingI :: range (minBound, maxBound)
и понял, что нужных инстансов нет :(
instance Bounded a => Bounded (Maybe a) where
        minBound = Nothing
        maxBound = Just maxBound

instance Enum a => Enum (Maybe a) where
        toEnum 0 = Nothing
        toEnum x = Just $ toEnum $ x - 1
        fromEnum Nothing = 0
        fromEnum (Just x) = fromEnum x + 1
Проверяем, всё охуенно:
> everything :: [Maybe (Maybe Bool)]
[Nothing,Just Nothing,Just (Just False),Just (Just True)]
А вот и хуй!

Но направление игрищ оказалось плодотворным:
instance (Eq b, Enum a, Bounded a) => Eq (a -> b) where
        f == g = all (\x -> f x == g x) everything

instance (Bounded b) => Bounded (a -> b) where
        minBound = const minBound
        maxBound = const maxBound
Вот Enum (a -> b) написать бы!
Tags: все пидарасы а я

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