Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

HNC - литература

Generally, however, automatic translators produce code which is difficult for a human
to understand and modify. Exceptions to this are Microsoft’s Java to C# converter: the
Java Language Conversion Assistant and the Octopus .NET Translator [Oct]. Octopus can perform some of the source-to-source translations between Java, C#, native
C++, Visual C++.NET and Visual Basic.NET. This is made possible by the similarity
between the languages.

We would like such a compiler to generate code that executes efficiently and uses the
target language’s constructs idiomatically. We would also like the tool to fully exploit
the features of the target language. The ideal would be to develop a tool that produces
code that is readable, well-structured and can easily be modified by a human. Fully
realizing this ideal is a long way off, but progress can be made towards it.
Language translation represents a considerable challenge to computer science, particularly when there is a significant semantic gap between the source and destination

Блин, и даже моя идея про semantic gap есть! А уж ссылки! Одна чего стоит!

We argue that the difficulties of source-to-source conversion are manifold and grossly underestimated. We illustrate that it is very challenging to resolve the intricate problems connected to language conversions.

Я это понимаю как дополнительное подтверждение моей стратегии: сделать компилятор языка с блекджеком и шлюхами совершенно нереально технически, если стоит цель language conversion. Можно только пытаться, ограничив себя минималистичным core-языком.

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