Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Резиновые женщины-2012

Вот до чего техника дошла:

bot: hi :)

I: hi. ur nickname suggerst u r a spambot

bot: have we chatted before??? 22/f u? ;-)

I: we coun't chat before as you are a robot and I don't usually chat with robots

bot: hope ya don't mind chatting with a spiteful horny girl, my dbag EX cheated on me so I'm on a MANhunt hehe...

I: The conversation gets interesting so when are you going to send me a link to check your naked pics so trojans can hijack my bank account?

bot: you forgot it? lol its

I: oh it's just an adultfriendfinder ad. But I like the pickup line your masters developed for you!

bot: ahh aff ;)

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