Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Node.JS wins

How do I use NodeJS on Windows? I've downloaded and installed the 0.6.1 MSI.

I can run node in the command prompt.

What do I do next? I can't seem to find much information such as where to put files etc

It's installed, and I can run in a command prompt. I read somewhere about passing the location of a JS file so I did that (using a sample file), but it just shows me three dots ... and the page can not be found in the browser.

It's just for a little experimentation.
Вы можете себе представить, чтобы такое чудище поставило себе Haskell Platform, Erlang или SBCL? Вот оно, шествие технологии в массы! Ноуд, по-видимому - это новый PHP.

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