Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

особенности инсталляторов haXe

Ну как можно так программы писать?

It seems that the Windows Installer is reported as infected by some antivirus software. This is a false report and you can safely run the program on your system: if it happens, please contact the antivirus' vendor so they can fix the issue as soon as possible.
Due to some ACL issues with Windows Vista and Win7, haXe will install itself in C:/Motion-Twin/haxe on these systems. Sorry for the inconvenience but using ProgramFiles was causing too many issues.

Это вы ещё их linux installer не видели.

world-writeable /Motion-Twin/haxe он, скорее всего, не создает, но тарболл в 2010 году - это кощунство.
Tags: все пидарасы а я

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