Andy Melnikov (nponeccop) wrote,
Andy Melnikov

Паттерны - литература

First Class Patterns (2000) by Mark Tullsen

..Pattern matching has its problems: it conflicts with data abstraction; it is complex (at least in Haskell, which has pattern guards, irrefutable patterns, n+k patterns, as patterns, etc.); it is a source of runtime errors; and lastly, one cannot abstract over patterns as they are not a first class language construct. This paper proposes a simplification of pattern matching that makes patterns first class. The key idea is to treat patterns as functions of type a -> Maybe b i.e., thus, patterns and pattern combinators can be written as functions in the language.

Собственно, предлагается генерировать для каждого конструктора Сon типа b две функции - Con :: a -> b и Con# :: b -> Maybe a и позволить использовать любые функции типа b -> Maybe a в тех местах, где сейчас в Хаскеле можно использовать паттерны.

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